Black Sherbert is an American electropop band formed in 2015 in southern California. The band consists of one member, Mattias, who writes the songs, creates the music and directs the imagery.

Musically, the sound is a fusion of dreamgazing synth-pop and electronic rock.

‘Disillusion’ is the bands first release.

Lyrically, the album incorporates themes of love, seduction, loneliness, betrayal, deception, privacy and hope.

It feels like I’m trying to distill personally valuable things from streams of painful experience.

Safeguard your heart

Experience with hungry ghosts posing as people can make your life feel like a device that’s about to burn out.

Black Sherbert represents doses of the bittersweet required to keep life awake. Allowing dreams found in twilight to touch a reality that desperately needs them. Permission to fall apart without being destroyed. To deliver that shell shocked self to a place of reason and recovery. A willingness to consume an antidote to poisoned hearts and hollow fantasy.

Sweet medicine. An acquired taste.

Black Sherbert is a personal construct, deeply mined.

‘Disillusion’ is a collection of views from inside the construct.

It’s the first of three releases plotted out to explore these territories.

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